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"ayokong isipin mong matagal akong mwawLa.. ang gusto kong isipin mo eh mabilis ako dadating" #548heartbeats

"ayokong isipin mong matagal akong mwawLa.. ang gusto kong isipin mo eh mabilis ako dadating"

❝Two years gives you enough time to grow, and to change, and to change your priorities, change where you live, change your hair, change what you believe in, change who you hang out with, what’s influencing you, what’s inspiring you. And in the process of all of those changes that happened in the last two years, my music changed.❞

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TAYLOR SWIFT: studio albums, deluxe editions, leading singles

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You’re my back bone, you’re my cornerstone.

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Sexiest Love Blog<3


Sexiest Love Blog<3

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Walt Disney Animation Studios | 1937 - 2014

After seeing this post, I decided to make this. The “Experimental” era is usually referred to as Post-Renaissance. I imagine the Revival is going to continue through this decade. 2015 and beyond films listed are: (left to right) Zootopia, Giants, and Moana.

If you want to read more about each era and how they got their names, click here.

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